New executive 2021-2022

position vacant – President

Sawyer Murphy – First Vice-President-Interim

Sarah Burke – Secretary

Kelly Matheson – Treasurer

Jacinthe Basque – vice-president

Tracy Campbell – vice-president

Marcia Martin –  vice-president

Bursary West – Elaine Abbott

Bursary East – Cherie Walsh and Tracy Campbell

Trustee -Louise Gallant

PD Branch Offices – Lorraine Roach

Sargeant at arms East – Afton Murphy

Betty Macausland – Bursary Committee

Discounts for CUPE PEI Members

November 2021
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Employee Assistance progam

This message has been authorized by Tanya Rowell, CEO, Public Service Commission


Understanding Loss

As with all Canadians across our country, our hearts go out to those affected by the senseless tragedy that occurred in Nova Scotia over the weekend. The flags at the Public Administration Buildings are appropriately at half-mast today, in honour of those lives lost.

As we move through this COVID-19 Pandemic, resources and websites are circulating through your employer, on the news and social media, which we hope, you can take advantage of.  Many are inspiring, motivational and helpful in offering ideas around coping.  Everyone is different, so it is helpful to have a range of resources from which to choose.

Thankfully, we have not yet had to deal with any deaths related to COVID-19 in Prince Edward Island. Still, we would like to call your attention to the concept of grief and loss as it relates to the loss of how our lives used to be.

We can experience grief reactions in situations other than death.  It may be helpful to have this framework to validate and understand some reactions you may be experiencing. We have lost the regular routine of our lives and everyday activities, which we have all accepted as predictable and normal.  Predictability, routine, and structure provide us with safety and security. Our safety and security become unsettled during times of unpredictable change.

It is ok if you are not ok.

While it is still very important for us to put things in perspective and be grateful for the small things in life, it is also equally important to acknowledge and validate our feelings associated with grief and loss. Those feelings can be denial, sadness, loneliness, anger, frustration, impatience, and anxiety. They are reasonable, and they are to be expected. We have attached some resources, which may be helpful around this theme.

We also want to inform you about a free online mindfulness training for Islanders. The Government of PEI and Health PEI have partnered with Mindwell-U, a Canadian health-tech firm, to offer a mindfulness training opportunity. Check it out through the following links below.

EAP continues to be a resource to you if you think it might be helpful to have some support.  We are providing telephone counselling and suggestions around helpful resources.


Contact Information:


Employee Assistance Program

40B Burns Avenue

Charlottetown, PE C1E 1H7

Telephone: (902)368-5738, Toll Free: 1-800-239-3826

Fax: (902) 368-5737





Discounts on your smart phone for CUPE PEI Members

Download the CUPE PEI version of the ESM App to save on everyday purchases from hundreds of businesses including national chain retailers, service and travel providers.

To get the ESM App, go to your app store (Google or Apple). When you first download the ESM App, you will be asked for the “organization code” for CUPE PEI. It’s: cupepei


Pink Shirt Day

Here we are the local 1770 being pictured to stop bulling WE are wearing pink for the day.

Kelly, Lynda, Jacinthe, Sarah, Karen, Crystal and Deena

Our education and our children’s school bus locals see first hand on the effects of bulling in our schools, but we all can play a part to STOP this behavior, not only does bulling affect our children, but our society as a whole.